Stand up for Science

The folks over at Evidence for Democracy (E4D, their clever acronym) have been busy over the summer. These are the same people that brought you the “Death of Evidence” rally last summer.

On September 16th, they are organizing rallies across the country to “Stand Up for Science“. Because this rally is right across the country, not just in Ottawa like Death of Evidence was, it has the potential to be quite huge. Perhaps we’ll even see a few muzzled scientists out and about at these events.

I tip my hat to Katie Gibbs and the whole E4D crew for keeping up the momentum around this issue.

The official announcement from E4D is below:

Fed up with the erosion of science in Canada? Want our government to support science in the public interest? Think that decisions should be based on evidence and facts instead of ideology? Join us on September 16th to Stand up for Science!

It’s time to stand up for science in the public interest in Canada. In recent years we have seen cuts to many important scientific institutions, science funding has shifted focus towards the commercialization of research, and government scientists have lost the ability to communicate their research to the public.

Science matters to Canadians. Good science, when coupled with good decision-making, keeps our water and air clean, keeps us healthy, keeps our food safe and prepares Canada for the future. Science in the public interest is crucial for our well-being and long-term prosperity.

To make the public aware of this, and to call on the Federal government to make a strong commitment to science in the public interest, we are organizing ‘Stand Up for Science’ rallies across the country on September 16th 2013.

It’s your future – make it your science.

What: Stand Up for Science rally

When: September 16, noon-1pm

Where: Parliament Hill, Ottawa

Notes: All are invited. Please bring a lab coat or other science paraphernalia if you have them and signs (the nerdier the better!)

RSVP on our website or on Facebook:

We need your help to make this event a success. The Death of Evidence rally last July had a huge impact. We want to put these issues back in the public eye and let our government know that we demand better science policies. To accomplish this, we need a big turnout at the rallies. Please come to a rally near you, and make sure to share this information with your friends and colleagues.

We will be calling on the Federal government to make a strong commitment to science in the public interest by:

(1)   Funding scientific research from basic science through to applied.

(2)   Using the best available science and evidence to make the best decisions.

(3)   Supporting the open communication of publicly funded science to the public, unless there are demonstrably good reasons for not doing so.