It came from the Blogosphere

While I must apologize for my lack of blog activity this past while, I am happy that others are more active than I, and would like to take a moment to highlight some recent doozies to which I spent most of the time nodding in agreement whilst reading. I thought it would be worth sharing a few of these posts.

1. In response to the Government’s recent call for consultation on it’s Science and Innovation Strategy, a number of people have made some excellent responses and have posted them. Not suprisingly, few seem to think that the government’s proposal is on the right track. Some posts that I’d recommend reading are below:

A thoughtful response from Evidence for Democracy

An aptly titled response: Seizing Canada’s Scientists by Graham Larkin

Another great response from Iva Cheung

2. A damning list (prompted by the recent changes to the elections act, which are frankly quite scary) of the continuing ways in which the current government continues to change the shape of our current democracy, by Sarah Boon, I want my Canada back. I don’t think Sarah is alone on this one.

If you haven’t already, please take a second to see what these folks have to say.