New radio documentary: Silencing the scientists


How pleased was I to find this radio documentary from the Terry Project at UBC on government science muzzling- it is well worth 30 minutes of your day to give it a listen here:

The most refreshing part of this piece compared to just about all the other stories on the topic that I’ve heard so far is that they talk to actual scientists who have been affected by this process. Peter Ross (whose DFO scientist profile is now down) was a prominent DFO scientist who I’ve written about before. Vince Palace is another ex-DFO scientist who is interviewed for the piece. They eloquently describe their experiences with how red tape impeded their ability to do their jobs (what I’ve spent alot of time on this blog focusing on), as well as highlight the problems related to pouring time and resources into training someone and then cutting their program and letting them go.

Thanks to Sam Fenn and the rest of the gang at The Terry Project for producing this, and for presenting a fresh angle on the story.