I like my science unmuzzled

Thanks to Kennedy Stewart for drafting this motion to be presented in the House of Commons (whenever they can actually get back to work…):


Let’s see our government show exactly how much it wants its scientists communicating with the public. Hopefully it will go better than the last time the topic of science came up in the house of commons. I, for one (not surprisingly), would be thrilled if this motion was passed and followed through on.

Update: September 20th, 2013: I just saw the op-ed by David Schindler in the Toronto Star regarding the Stand Up for Science protests that happened on Monday- his piece focuses primarily on government science muzzling, which was one of the focus points of the protests (and the focus of Kennedy’s motion). Very well written, and provides an excellent historic perspective, as well as the risks of keeping your scientists to their speaking points. You can read the op-ed here.