Evidence for Democracy

My apologies for being quiet for a bit here- I’ve been trying to do, well, science.

Anyway, during my brief hiatus, I’m pleased to see that the folks who brought you the Death of Evidence rally in Ottawa this past summer have begun another group: Evidence for Democracy. Heck, they even have a facebook and twitter account.

Their initial campaign, “science uncensored” was launched about two weeks ago. What’s unique about this organization is that it’s citizen-based and is asking for citizens to weigh in on the topic of science censorship by the government. It’s clear that this government doesn’t seem to care what the journalists or scientists think, so maybe they’ll care what the voting public thinks.

Please have a look at the site and considering adding your name to the list of supporters. Heck, you even get to send the prime minister a message in support of the cause.



3 thoughts on “Evidence for Democracy

  1. Good for you. I’m an old scientist who challenged anyone in my immediate circle who tried to suppress free speech. I won some big battles, lost some, paid the price and gained recognition. The instant one compromises scientific freedom to follow government orders one becomes a technician not a scientist.

    • John, many thanks for sharing your experiences. As an PhD student, I (and my cohort) am faced with a moral quandary of speaking out on these kind of issues now versus the potential cost to our careers (which are in their infancy, as many people are interested in government work). Some scientists argue that we could have a bigger effect later if we aren’t discriminated against in job-hiring now, e.g. getting onto some kind of government blacklist, or having a potential employer google our name and finding letters to the editor, op-eds. Yet not speaking up seems like selling out and allows ourselves to be intimidated by the very system we are angry about. What would your advice be? Any other readers have comments for how to be politically active at a potentially vulnerable stage in one’s career?

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